Happy National Dog Day

This is my little guy. His name is Legion, we named him after the Geth character from Mass Effect. He is so damn playful, and a little jealous bug, should you give even one ounce of attention to any other animal, even our fish, he gets all whiny and starts begging for your snuggles. Love this little guy.

The first time he had Cesar's wet dog food he finished it and came begging for more.

We created a Cesar addict

As a puppy, missed the bed completely, landed on a blanket and a  Teddy

Two years ago I was working as a mover, I came home exhausted, and decided to lay on the floor, he came to lay down next to me.

I was showing him doggy videos, this caught his attention

Best Doge impression

Legion as a puppy. Being spoiled and sleeping in my bed.